You found an easter egg! Now you get a chance to spin the wheel to win!


Here's how this works:

  • A button will appear in the bottom right corner of this page with the message "Spin for Free Merch" (it might take a couple seconds to load). Click it.
  • Enter in your email so we know who won.
  • Spin the wheel!
  • If you win, copy your coupon code and keep it safe.


Dear Adeline merch becomes available to those in the Adeline Launch one day early on Thursday, the 24th and publicly on Friday, 25th. HANG ON TO YOUR COUPON CODE!! We will give you an opportunity to use your code on the last day of the launch experience. 


Prizes include: a free Dear Adeline hoodie, T-shirt, or CD and 10-20% off your next order of Dear Adeline merch!


If you won a hoodie, tee, or CD, simply enter the coupon at checkout and it will deduct the value of the item from your order.


Thanks for playing, supporting us, and digging a little deeper.