Too Far Away - CD
Too Far Away - CD

Too Far Away - CD

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UTR's second album release! The rock-climbing-inspired concept album!
  • 6 killer songs
  • Choose between signed or unsigned


Here's a little from Casey about Too Far Away:

"This EP, Too Far Away, starts with me driving out to the Yucca desert to get right. I sat on my ass in the dirt in the middle of a pitch-black-yucca-silhouettes night and, sorta desperately, looked up at the sky and wished for a sign. Actually. Like, I scrunched up my eyes like a little kid and wished for a shooting star . . .

Now, when I remember walking defeatedly back to the bnb, I imagine the shooting star that never came whizzing across the sky behind me like all I had to do was wait one more minute.

But, even if it did, I missed it. So I kept looking. I looked in Mission Gorge, I looked at the top of a crazy multi-pitch climb in Red Rock where my good friend Kochi (Look out! His name made it into a couple songs!) broke his ankle a few pitches in (he climbed through it!). I looked in Yosemite and Joshua Tree and Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo.

Too Far Away tries to describe—with some music and some fiction and some crazy sounds—what that process of that looking felt like. And what I found, in lieu of some magic, universal sign."