Song in a Box

Song in a Box

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When we threw our first, big, UTR show, we decided to raffle off an item that would become our all-time favorite piece of merch.

We called it, Song in a Box.

We love songwriting, and any excuse to write a tune—especially with someone—is all we ever wanted to do for a living.

And now, since we have so many awesome fans like you, we decided we were going to sell a SIAB again.

We know this is pricey, so, of course, if you’re not a UTR superfan, there’s plenty of other merch for you, BUT…

…for those superfans out there, this is how this works:

We’ve created an in-depth questionnaire that really digs deep in trying to pull a good song-worthy story out of you.

It will ask you to be vulnerable.

It will ask you to share some of the most intimate details of your life.

It will be like looking in a mirror on a day you don’t feel so hot.

But it will also make for an incredible tune.

Once you fill out the questionnaire, you will mail it to us, and then we will write, record, produce, engineer, mix, master, and create art for, your song.

We will then release it within UTR’s catalogue on all streaming platforms online, and play it on our tours.

Consider this hiring someone to tell your story.

THIS ITEM IS VERY SPECIAL TO US. If you purchase this, we will mull over, ponder, chew on, and otherwise obsess over creating a song we think reflects what you have told us. It will be a real piece of art that we’ll deliver back to you in hopes that you’ll be able to cherish it for the rest of your life.

If you have more questions about this item, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

*NOTE* the creative process is funky, and where there is funk, there are loose timelines. Please know that if you purchase this item, we will not rush to create a song we can be proud of. Sometimes a good song takes an hour, sometimes months (or five years, as was the case with Dear Adeline)


You can either choose to do this single with just UTR or pay extra and we'll collaborate with killer indie artist Basic Printer to write a hell of a tune for you.